Public-private research consortium

The Escher project is a research consortium within TI Pharma with a value of € 9.3 million and comprising four private and four academic partners (GlaxoSmithKline; Merck, Sharp & Dohme; WINAp; Amgen, UMC Groningen, Utrecht University, Erasmus MC, UMC Utrecht). The Escher project focuses on investigating and reforming the European regulatory system within which medicines are developed and clinical research is conducted.

Logo Escher Project

Exon Consultancy provides the full project management for the consortium and acts as strategic decision-making advisor to the consortium’s leadership. We also help put the results of the project into practice and to create value from them by initiating follow-up projects and formulating proposals for the reform of the medicines regulatory system.

The project has resulted in approximately 80 scientific articles, 16 doctoral theses, various follow-up projects and four large scientific conferences. The partners are pleased with the results of the project and feel that it has made a valuable contribution to improving the regulatory system surrounding medicine development and clinical research.


We are also working on setting up a permanent organisation to build upon the success of the Escher Project. We have designed the organisational form of this ‘Centre for Regulatory Science and Policy’, are busy attracting investors and are involved in the start-up and management of its activities.