Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are complex sectors in constant development. Ongoing specialisation and the multifaceted connections between technology, healthcare delivery, politics and regulation are important elements of this complexity. As a consequence, there is a growing demand for people who can oversee and understand this broad field, and who can make the right connections and translate strategy into action. Exon Consultancy does exactly this.


Knowledge at work

Exon Consultancy is a knowledge-driven organisation. Research is an important source of innovation and forms the solid foundation for our work. We are specialists in our field: our expertise enables us to understand complex scientific information and assess its value. This allows us to convert knowledge into tangible results in practice. At the same time, we are all-rounders: we know how the sector works, how it is organised and how it is regulated. In short, we are in an ideal position to address relevant questions in the light of broader developments.

“We build bridges: we create and connect.”


To convert knowledge into practical applications, it is essential not just to understand why something is relevant but also to see connections: to see in which setting knowledge can be best translated into practical applications, also outside its immediate context. Our work often results in surprising combinations of people, ideas and organisations. We have a strong network among the various players in the sector and operate confidently among various parties and at all levels of an organisation. This makes our projects versatile.Take a look at some of our current and completed projects.