Exon Consultancy provides services in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology and healthcare. We help organisations create value from knowledge and to be successful in a complex environment. We identify potential value, convert it into practical applications and connect people and organizations. This is how we work.

Knowledge at work

Exon Consultancy is a knowledge-driven company offering services in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology and healthcare. We operate where research, business and government intersect. We give insight into new developments, offer advice on strategic challenges, provide support in the implementation of innovative concepts and bring about sustainable change.

What makes Exon Consultancy different is our in-depth knowledge of the national and international playing field of research, innovative technology, regulations, policy, business and NGOs. Leveraging an extensive professional network and powerful analyses, we are able to connect the right people and organizations and translate concept and theory into strategy and implementation.

This is what we do

Pharmacovigilance Of Biologics

We evaluated information-recording systems and practices in the Dutch hospital setting for tracking medicinal product information throughout the entire healthcare process to assess the challenges of product and batch traceability of biologics… Read more


We performed a comprehensive output analysis of IMI projects portfolios, going over and beyond bibliometric success to real-world impact, to define critical qualitative and quantitative outcomes that are relevant to participating stakeholders… Read more

SIR institute for Pharmacy Practice and Policy

We performed a market analysis to identify the current position of the course and currently manage the 2015-2016 reorganisation of the ERA course Read more

ADDIS For the valorisation of a software tool supporting decision-making in healthcare, we performed a market analysis, developed a sustainable market strategy and translated the findings into a business plan… Read more